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Have you ever wondered what happens to your business cards once you’ve handed them to your customers?
Do you know what your return on investment is on your business card expense?
Do you know if your business cards support your eMarketing and online strategies?

Welcome to EGO cards.
We pride ourselves on building our customer’s brand by putting your business in the palm of their hand and introducing you to customers you haven’t met yet, so let’s connect!

Our Mission:
We live in the digital age, where people seek instant gratification. We don't write out cheques or post letters, then why do we still use paper business cards? Our solution is far more than a mere business card - it is a powerful branding, marketing, and sales tool, with which customers can transact. In addition to this, cardholders as well as companies utilizing our solution, receive valuable data and analytics, which provides relevant information, enabling them to understand their customers' needs better, as well being able to build up a healthy legitimate lead and database of contacts and potential clients. Our solution is also GREEN and environment-friendly.  

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