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With competition being the name of the game today, every child needs a gentle push, guidance, inspiration, along with hard work and practice, to excel.

Children intending to pursue graduation in India were faced with a handicap, allowing them to receive the right kind of tutoring to face competitive examinations only during school vacations.

The Indian Excellent Education Centre was formed to overcome this handicap, and help our children become their best selves.

Aiming to be the best ourselves, we have joined hands with the master of the trade P.C.Thomas, hailing from Kerala, India, running the country’s most hailed coaching center for competitive examinations.

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers are guided by Prof. P.C.Thomas, and are the most capable hands to leave your kids in.

We provide a variety of programs taking into consideration the busy time schedule, and more importantly, the learning ability of each child.

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